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Sunday, June 22, 2008


No one really knows what the 60 billion dollar-wanted-man named Vash really looks like, only what damage he has been fabled to have caused. Due to over 300 insurance claims filed by the inhabitants of the cities Vash the Stampede has supposedly demolished, the FIA has sent two claims inspectors - Meryl Stryfe & Milly Thompson - to find Vash and investigate / fine him for all the damage he has caused. Now Vash must not only deal with merciless bounty hunters, but hounding insurance companies too in a setting very reminiscent of such American westerns as Bonanza or Gunsmoke.

Total Episodes: 26

3GP Information

Size (approx): 30MB per file
Video Codec: MPEG-4
Video Scale: 176:144
Aspect: 11:9
Frame/Sec: 15
Bitrate kbps: 128
Audio Codec: AAC
Sampling Freq: 11025
Channels: 2
Bitrate kbps: 24

Trigun 01 Trigun 14
Trigun 02 Trigun 15
Trigun 03 Trigun 16
Trigun 04 Trigun 17
Trigun 05 Trigun 18
Trigun 06 Trigun 19
Trigun 07 Trigun 20
Trigun 08 Trigun 21
Trigun 09 Trigun 22
Trigun 10 Trigun 23
Trigun 11 Trigun 24
Trigun 12 Trigun 25
Trigun 13 Trigun 26


Yui Hikari said...

Thanks man... i've only encountered 1 problem.... 'bout episode 9 i can't download it full... only 50% i've tried lots of times... hope you fix episode 12 also... You can do it.. Thanks and more power..

zer0fusion said...

Thanks for the info, yui.. I will update episodes 9 and 12 as soon as I can..

Anonymous said...

I cant dload past episode 12 on Air Gear. I think is down. thanks

chris said...

hi can you make ah kekkaishi anime to 3gp pls... because dat anime is my favorite... i hope u can make it tnx...

Nilly Youngblood said...

Please Zerofusion Guy i have downloaded every anime on this site please can you add some Inyuyasha Episodes.
I really want some episodes to watch on my mobile because my brother always wants to go on so i have to watch it on my phone. When i get the chance i Download some anime please add some inyuyasho Please.

awaria said...

thank you for this anime...i so love trigun

SLAPSHOCKerz said...

zerOfusion...when will you start fixing trigun episode 12 and 9? I really hope you could fix it.. I really like this anime....

Anonymous said...

All the links of Trigun are broken.